A Guide For Utilizing Pine Straw Mulch in Your Landscape


The spring in suburbia is apparent by the big piles of mulch that your neighbors tend to dump in their walkways or driveways. While installing mulch would seem like an easy process, a lot of homeowners utilize a lot of mulch on their landscape beds that they generate an environment that is dangerous to the well-being of the plants which they try to nurture. One can't help, on the other hand, cringe when seeing a volcano of mulch being installed surrounding a tree. Here, we will tackle the appropriate methods of installing mulch as well as the various kinds of wholesale pine straw mulch to utilize.


The intention of mulch is to preserve the moisture as well as inhibit the weed growth in the trees and planting beds. In addition, mulch is advantageous in regulating the temperature of the soil since the soil will stay cooler during summertime and warmer during wintertime just by having a layer of mulch. The organic mulches will enhance the quality of the soil as they break down. And it has become a decorative element in a lot of landscapes. While installing the mulch, make sure to follow these guidelines to ensure your plants will stay healthy:


-              Don't use more than 3 to 4 inches in depth of mulch. When you mulch, keep the entire depth under 4 inches and consider even 2 to 3 inches as plenty. Take away the old mulch if needed or at least break the old much if it is already matter. Too much of mulch is worse than having none at all. Too much of it could dry out the upper part of plants and would cause the plant roots to grow towards the mulch.


-              Don't pile the mulch directly against the plant stems, instead, pull the mulch back a couple of inches to generate a mulch-free field around the stem.


-              The weed barrier under the mulch, most of the time, lead to more problems than advantages. The inhibition of oxygen and water are two main concerns. in addition, the weed will ultimately root into the mulch and weed barrier which could cause bigger problems once the weeds are pulled out.


There are a lot of kinds of mulch available. The cypress and pine straw bales are most popular in the south. The stones can also be used, on the other hand, it would need more maintenance in the long term.